Startup Lean Coffee

Startup Lean Coffee

Published on
March 11, 2019

For our inaugural meeting at Betaworks Studios, we had around 50 people sign up for 20 spots; and roughly 12 showed up at 8:30 AM to an amazing breakfast spread and an engaging lean coffee. We broke up into two groups and shared our topics and take-aways at the end of the hour. The topics that we discussed included:

  • Communicating complex ideas
  • What are the newest surprising behaviors
  • Maintaining trust in a remote team
  • What are the most interesting new technologies
  • Art of selling/persuasion
  • Alternatives to venture capital
  • Consumer marketing outside of social media
  • Outsourcing vs. hiring
  • What would transform your business

Some highlights: I loved learning about TinySeed, an accelerator for bootstrappers, as well as marketing through podcasts, Twitch, and micro-influencers!

About Startup Lean Coffee

Startup Lean Coffee is a monthly gathering of founders, early employees, advisors, investors, and anyone involved or interested in joining the startup world in any capacity. Our sole purpose is to help each other improve by sharing questions and experiences. All you need to bring is your attention, curiosity, and willingness to share.

We follow a Lean Coffee meeting format, a lightly facilitated meeting where participants democratically build an agenda and discuss each topic for a fixed time, voting to continue discussion or mo on tveo the next topic after the time runs out.

Startup Lean Coffee is graciously hosted by Betaworks Studios. We meet on the 4th Friday of each month. Participation is free; but space is limited. Watch here to RSVP.

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