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How Startups are Helping with COVID-19

Published on
April 16, 2020

In March, we went back to our roots as a virtual event. Of course, COVID-19 was on everyone’s mind.

  • How to make connections and build communities without meeting in person
  • How startups can help
  • Opportunities to improve working from home tech
  • The relief deal
  • Silver lining

We covered so much information and captured so many recommendations that I just can’t write about all of them. I decided to focus on how startups are helping and a couple of interesting, positive consequences of the crisis. You can download the raw notes here.

How Startups Are Helping

Startups rise out of the ambiguity of figuring out how to do things that haven’t been done quite the same way before, if they’ve been done before at all. This makes startups, and their founders and employees, particularly well equipped to survive, help others, and maybe even thrive in these challenging times. Here are just a few examples of how startups are helping:

Some amazing companies will surely emerge from the current crisis in an incredible position to help others; and a few of them will be very handsomely rewarded.

Silver Lining

The planet is breathing a lot better! NASA satellite data show a 30% drop in air pollution over the Northeast U.S.

Seismologists in Brussels are measuring a 30% to 50% reduction in ambient seismic noise, the vibrations generated by cars, trains, buses and other “normal” activities, since mid-March.

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